Batch Builder

Batch Simulators

Each of these batch simulation classes build houses in every weather station according to a set of criteria. Full descriptions of each house follow:

How it works

A common batch analysis is to investigate the energy use and performance of a prototype of a house in every available weather location. This framework provides a way to specify a prototype house or houses and how they change based on location or weather. It also provides the necessary machinery to load and run the batch through the Home Energy Score API.


Weather stations for all 50 states and the District of Columbia queried from the HEScore database. Zip codes and climate data are also queried from the HEScore database. Each zipcode is matched with its nearest weather station using a k-d tree search. The closest mapped zipcode is then used to run a simulation at each weather station.

Each subclass of this class defines the building to be run in each location, possible options (i.e. heating fuel types, foundations), and how the building characteristics change by location and option. The class then provides methods to run all possible combinations and store the results.